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2009. február 12., Csütörtök 17:09
AntiQuark interview

No less than six years ago a review appeared on the album of the US futurepop / electro group AntiQuark titled Mask, on the main page of LD50, and now you have the opportunity to learn what has happened with the band since, in an exclusive interview. The apropos of the conversation is the new album Skydancer, with Ant and Sergio behind the virtual microphone.

For the interview, video and official links, click on More!

[questions: szurke, translate: deadhead, help: sick.reality]

At the first review here (in 2003), you were working with Maren. Why did you stop this collaboration? Did your friendship end too?

Ant: Maren met a guy and EVERYTHING changed. We haven’t spoken in 3 years.

Please introduce this new album, SkyDancer. I see there are songs from 2005 (and with the creative works from 2004), so, what are the most important differences between the two SkyDancers? We can say, its two different albums, or are they two phases of the same work?
In 2006 Sergio joined in, so is this a reworked version of the album with male vocals, or there are more things? I see you’re making new versions, sometimes with new titles. Your homepage says it was planned for 2007. So, what is the story of the album?

Ant: First off, the most important difference between the two SkyDancers is the that the latest one is simply better….about 100 times…no, 1,000 times better. Better arrangements, better vocal melodies, better lyrics, better production, better mixing, and new & better remixes. The first SkyDancer was with a guest-singer (right before I met Sergio), but I was not satisfied. So when I met Sergio I decided to let him do whatever he wanted to the songs.

Sergio: It was terrific because Ant was completely cool with whatever I thought should be changed; whether it was lyrics, melodies, or even adding new instruments & rearranging parts. She had composed all this music and then she threw them ALL onto me to do whatever I wanted. Ant explained to me the concept behind SkyDancer and then allowed me to go with my own visions of what that could mean. Hence, some titles and almost all the lyrics changed.

Tell us something about your relationship with Sergio. Where did you first meet? Does he only sing or does he also have creative ideas for the music and lyrics? Is he a full member of AntiQuark now?

Ant: That guest-singer that recorded on the 1st SkyDancer had quit even sooner than I had anticipated (with a tour already being booked!) so I then put out an ad in the San Diego Reader online looking for a vocalist. Sergio was among the first 20 people to answer my ad. He was definitely the best. I liked that he was a rock/metal singer who actually knew how to really sing and could bring a new influence into AntiQuark. He was someone that could sing in whatever style and over whatever kind of music he wished. He was that good. He brings so much into this project with fresh ideas and lyrics. He’s a writer, a poet. He’s also an amazing drummer which he injected into the new SkyDancer with fresh rhythms & textures.

He’s definitely a full-member of AntiQuark…with 50% of the profits! lol!!!

What about European tours? I saw on myspace that you toured Europe 6 times, was that only Italy or in other countries too? Do you plan to return to Europe (and not only Italy) in the near future? Who are the other artists who you would like to tour with?

Sergio: We’ve toured Italy & Germany mainly, but we hope to cover every meter of Europe and then Japan, Mexico and the rest of the world! And to continue repeating that!

Ant: We very much would like to come to Hungary ;P

There’s so many artists we’d like tour with…way too many to name…The Young Gods, Depeche Mode, Iron Maiden…

Sergio: Manowar…Motorhead, those would be awesome bands to play with!

Please tell us about Raul’s performances, how can we imagine this voodoo, what does he make for the show?

Ant: Unfortunately for us, Raul moved to New York City to pursue his painting-career so he performs with us very rarely now. Raul is an amazing artist who is deeply connected to his creative soul and is able to go into a trance-like-state simply being possessed by the music. His dance performances are a unique, improvisational expression every single time. It’s very difficult to describe unless you see it.

What about the horror-movie soundtracks? What are the differences between your soundtracks and the music of AntiQuark?

Ant: When I compose music in general, I am very visual. When I compose for AntiQuark, I have a vision-story in my head and then I write the music like I’m scoring a soundtrack. It’s the same for movies. The difference is mainly in the sound, but also in style and length.

Do you plan a secondary video clip for these songs?

Sergio: There are already a bunch of live videos and a few artistic ones that were made by different fans, but we have yet to finish producing the “official” videos for SkyDancer. There’s tons of footage we’ve compiled though, and we are working on it!

Was the Futuresongs (Make The Future)-thing real? Did you receive any ideas or positive feedback in mail?

Ant: That was something that actually happened before I met Sergio. I was working with Maren and 2 days before the September 11th attack Maren suddenly changed the lyrics & story to one of our songs. The new lyrics were about a terrorist attack by Muslims. The coincidence was so frightening that we decided to make a contest and have people write songs that predict something and see if that something comes true.

It was a long time ago. I remember a few people writing to us about it, but I lost track of all those messages. It was definitely a fun initiative.

Are you writing new stuff? How does it sound? New album plans with Hungry Eye Records?

Sergio: Always writing new stuff, compiling ideas. For me it’s just a question of whether it would work with AntiQuark.

Ant: I see new material coming out somewhat heavier and I want to employ guitars and more of the MOOG keyboard. Our relationship with Dan & Hungry Eye Records is very open, so it’s a matter of just presenting the new songs to him and then he decides if he wants to support it or not. And if he’s not into it there’s no hard-feelings.

What kind of instruments do you use for composing?

Ant: My studio hardware includes keyboards like: Yamaha CS6X, Korg MS-2000, and a Waldorf Q. I also use some synth-softwares & programs like Reason & Live. I mainly record on Cubase & Pro Tools.

Sergio: I have a Yamaha DX-7 keyboard, a Moog Rogue, a couple of acoustic guitars and a Pro Tools system.

Who are the people you’d like to collaborate with?

Ant: I would like to work again with Bettina Köster. She’s a great friend and a very talented artist.

Sergio: Well, where should I start? Immediately I think of Rob Halford, Terry Date, Jerry Cantrell, the guys in Journey, the guys in Def Leppard, DJ Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, Quincy Jones, Alex, Geddy & Neil from Rush…I better stop or I’ll continue forever.

8 years of AntiQuark. Are you happy with these 8 years?

Ant: Yes, very much. It’s been an amazing journey. I’m a completely different person from when I started and every song is a step of that journey.

Any message for the Hungarian readers?

Ant: We hope you find our music fun (check it on Myspace) & we hope to come to your country soon!

Sergio: Hey! Get SkyDancer album, spread the word to all & everybody and then call to us, and we’ll come!


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